Death of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Well, not quite ‘death’ but an indefinite hiatus. I’m powering down this blog for a few reasons, one of which is my desire to finish my PhD. I’ve tried for the last year and a half to do PhD writing and work and this blog, but found the mindsets are somewhat incompatable. I’ve decided therefore … Read moreDeath of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Wow! What are Microsoft Thinking?!

After my post about highly regarded fan fiction, it was interesting to note Tony Walsh’s post about Microsoft’s ‘Game Content Usage Rules’. People wanting to create machinima using XBox 360 are warned: You can’t add to the game universe or expand on the story told in the game with “lost chapters” or back story or … Read moreWow! What are Microsoft Thinking?!

SXSW Alternate Reality Games transcript online

Dan Hon, COO of Mind Candy has put the transcript of the 2007 SXSW conference panel: ARG! The Attack of the Alternate Reality Games transcript online. It is a fantastic talk that addresses alot of questions people have about ARGs and marketing and emerging trends. I’ve cherrypicked some quotes that stand out for me.

Read moreSXSW Alternate Reality Games transcript online

Unpacking a "TransMedia" video

I stumbled across this video by Mickey Gilchrist and Scott Bartlett that is titled “transmedia”. The inference, then, is that this video is a collection of transmedia examples. Have a look: [youtube QBusjqW7wRA] Now, in an effort to demythologise what ‘transmedia’ and ‘cross-media’ etc is, I’ll take the opportunity to unpack the relations between the segments … Read moreUnpacking a "TransMedia" video

Hitwise on Cross-Media Bundling

Sandra Hanchard, analyst for Hitwise Asia Pacific, responded to my post about cross-media bundling by offering some stats on what areas of entertainment are most searched for on the Net. The idea being that those with the greatest amount of interest on the Net shows that people are actively looking for other information and other media … Read moreHitwise on Cross-Media Bundling

Best Transmedia Conference Ever!

I’ve attended many industry conferences that claim to be addressing the theme of ‘cross-media’ and ‘transmedia’. I’ve also assessed the schedules of those I haven’t attended from afar. I have not seen one that really understands what it is, and so they do not select the right speakers or ask the right questions. Well, I’m … Read moreBest Transmedia Conference Ever!

My InWorld Lecture and Alternate Reality Interview

On Friday night/Friday morning I presented my first inworld lecture inside the virtual world Second Life. Drawing from my articles in Slate Night Magazine, I spoke about the ‘Remediation of the Art Space in SL’. This lecture was part of a special session Anya Ixchel, the editor of Slate Night arranged for the New Media … Read moreMy InWorld Lecture and Alternate Reality Interview