Death of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Well, not quite ‘death’ but an indefinite hiatus. I’m powering down this blog for a few reasons, one of which is my desire to finish my PhD. I’ve tried for the last year and a half to do PhD writing and work and this blog, but found the mindsets are somewhat incompatable. I’ve decided therefore … Read moreDeath of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Not-for-Profit theatre company uses the web to draw in patrons

I’ve spoken with some theatre directors about using the web and communities to draw patrons into their productions but it has fallen on deaf ears. So, I was pleased to see a not-for-profit company making an effort for the production of ‘Coast of Uptopia’. The website, includes pictures and videos — just the sort of … Read moreNot-for-Profit theatre company uses the web to draw in patrons

SMS Theatre: SimpleTEXT in Canada

SimpleTEXT *a cell phone enabled interactive performance* by Family Filter URL: When: Saturday, September 16, 2006 (3 pm) followed by Jonah Brucker-Cohen’s show opening at 5pm Bring your Cell phone and/or Wireless Laptop! Where: OBORO 4001, rue Berri, local 301, Montreal (Quebec) Canda, H2L 4H2 Tel: (514) 844-3250, Fax: (514) 847-0330 E-mail:, Web … Read moreSMS Theatre: SimpleTEXT in Canada