The following are creative projects Christy Dena worked on. Note that projects in 2009 onwards were under this company UC101. Other projects still under NDA of course not listed, along with other projects developed but not released, projects where I’m in a mentoring or teaching role, and projects I’ve temporarily forgotten!

Artform Categories: Interactive, Film, TV, Theatre, Events, Print (overlaps repeated)

in devSpider & FlyVR & Short Anim FilmDirProd, Co-ProdWriterDesigner
2015QSO Current and Tim ShielShort FilmProducer
2014SAE (Internal)Anim Short FilmDir Producer
2013AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS PromoCrowdfunding VideoDirProducerWriter
2012Lycan Feature, Graphic Novel, OnlineMulti-platform Narrative Design Consultant
2011As the Dust SettlesFeature DocoBoard Member
2010The Red TailFeature DocoTransmedia Consultant
2010Awra AmbaDoco, interactive docoTransmedia Consultant
2010Self Helpless FeatureTransmedia Consultant
2002Fashion PoliceShort FilmPerformance Consultant
1999ForsakenShort FilmActor
1998FuseCorp VideoModel
1998North EasterShort FilmActor
1998Fairies of the Enchanted Australian Bush Animated Feature
Digital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1998Neville the DevilAnimated Feature
Digital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1998Living TogetherFeature
Digital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1998Raine and HorneCorporate VideoDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1998SigmaCorporate VideoDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1998KodakCorporate VideoDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1998AmcalCorporate VideoDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinator
1997‘BHP Training,’ BHP, Rod KinnearCorporate VideoDigital Producer
1996‘FAI Conference,’ FAICorporate VideoDigital Producer
1996‘Video Wave,’ New MagicCorporate VideoDigital Producer
1994Destiny UnknownClaymation Short FilmDirectorProducerWritern/aAnimator
1993‘Through the Looking Glass’Super 8 Short DocoSegment DirectorSegment ProducerSegment Writern/a
1992‘Getting in and Out of a Car,’ Michael KellerShort FilmActor