The following are creative projects Christy Dena worked on. Note that projects in 2009 onwards were under this company UC101. Other projects still under NDA of course not listed, along with other projects developed but not released, projects where I’m in a mentoring or teaching role, and projects I’ve temporarily forgotten!

Artform Categories: Interactive, Film, TV, Theatre, Events, Print (overlaps repeated)

1998Pilot PensTVCn/aModel
1998Good Guys, Bad GuysTV Seriesn/aActor
1998Prophecies and PredictionsTV SeriesDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinatorn/a
1998Raine and HorneTVCDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinatorn/a
1998Australian Rugby UnionTVCDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinatorn/a
1998ToyotaTVCDigital Producer and CGI Co-ordinatorn/a
1997‘Christy’s Happening Places,’ Armstrong Live, Optus TVEvening Talk/Variety ShowSegment ProducerWritern/aAnd Presenter
1997‘Autobarn,’ Y+R MattinglyTVCDigital Producern/a
1997‘Canberra Keno,’ Ten CapitalTVCDigital Producern/a
1997‘Goodyear,’ BadjarTVCDigital Producern/a
1997‘McCain Star,’ BadjarTVCDigital Producern/a
1997‘Ego Pharmaceuticals,’ Sudler+HennesseyTVCDigital Producern/a
1997‘Superdraws,’ BadjarTVCDigital Producern/a
1997‘Lotto Balls,’ BadjarTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Kangaroo Palace,’ Artist ServicesTV SeriesDigital Producern/a
1996‘Ocean Girl 4,’ Johnathon M. Shiff ProductionsTV SeriesDigital Producern/a
1996‘Crumpler,’ Jindie FilmsTheatrical AdDigital Producern/a
1996‘Omo Sunk,’ 3D FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Atug 96,’ Hopkins PartnershipTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Argument,’ Benchmark AdvertisingTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Robin’s Egg,’ Killy Withy PunshonTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Crown Roulette,’ Micronite Films, SingletonsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Floriade,’ Ten CapitalTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Encyclopedia,’ 2 Feet FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘The Screen,’ 2 Feet FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Panacur,’ Hopkins PartnershipTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘ACTTAB,’ TAB CorporationTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Apples,’ Famous By Tuesday, TelstraTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Tatts Card,’ Black Cat ProductionsTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Video Ezy,’ Ten CapitalTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Shine,’ Dome NightclubTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Tempor,’ Hopkins PartnershipTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Tatts Tag,’ Black Cat ProductionsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Channel 10 Logo,’ MalaysiaTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Windows Notes,’ Angel FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘AGF Milkshake,’ E-Z Go JapanTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Grand Prix,’ MRPPSTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Canberra Credit Union,’ Ten CapitalTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Reuters,’ Reuters IndonesiaTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Movie Guarantee,’ Ten CapitalTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Mars Cricket,’ Pure CreativeTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Footy Pic,’ Channel 7TVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Wobbly,’ 3D FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Glozone,’ Hopkins PartnershipTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘CTV,’ Christian Television AssociationTVCDigital Producern/a
1996‘Under Melbourne Tonight’, RMITVEvening Talk ShowProduction Managern/a
1996‘X-Effect,’ BladesTV PilotDigital ProducerContributing Writern/a
1995‘Neteffect,’ Lidija KrnacTV PilotDigital Producern/a
1995‘Crown Animation,’ Micronite Films, SingletonsTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Incredabites,’ Micronite FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Summer Love,’ EditelTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Footy Game,’ Thomson WhiteTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Peters Billabong,’ Micronite FilmsTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Good Health,’ Black Cat ProductionsTVCDigital Producern/a
1995‘Myer Xmas’, Limelight ProductionsTVCDigital Producern/a
1994‘Eat Carpet’, SBSTV Seriesn/aInterviewee
1993McDonalds ‘Soccer’, Great Southern FilmsTVCn/aActor