Death of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Well, not quite ‘death’ but an indefinite hiatus. I’m powering down this blog for a few reasons, one of which is my desire to finish my PhD. I’ve tried for the last year and a half to do PhD writing and work and this blog, but found the mindsets are somewhat incompatable. I’ve decided therefore … Read moreDeath of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Trebor Scholz's History of the Social Web

After my post about Danah Boyd’s exploration of the history of social network sites, Trebor Scholz has developed his own. It is pretty comprehensive: This is a cross-cultural, critical history of social life on the Internet. It captures technical, cultural, and political events that influenced the evolution of computer-assisted person-to-person communication via the net. Acknowledging … Read moreTrebor Scholz's History of the Social Web

Transmedia Conference: Futures of Entertainment 2

Last November, the MIT Comparative Media Studies Department and Convergence Culture Consortium ran the Futures of Entertainment conference. Details of last years conference with podcasts are online. Registration for the next one, to be held on the 16-17th November at Cambridge, has opened. The event is described as follows: The logics of convergence culture are quickly becoming ubiquitous within … Read moreTransmedia Conference: Futures of Entertainment 2

New Transmedia Blog: "The Extratextuals"

Ivan Askwith, Jonathan Gray, and Derek Johnson have started a group blog called The Extratextuals, which they explain in their birth post as: This is a blog about the media. However, with other blogs on television, film, and the media in general, we wanted to carve out a specific niche. So our blog will focus primarily … Read moreNew Transmedia Blog: "The Extratextuals"

Reflections on perthDAC 2007 & BEAP

I attended and presented at my first Digital Arts and Culture conference at the perthDAC 2007 held 15-18 September (though I co-wrote a paper for the 2005 DAC). The 2007 programme is on the site, but the full proceedings will be available online soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my impressions/experience of … Read moreReflections on perthDAC 2007 & BEAP

Actually seeing Monique, Jak, Jane, Jill & Lisbeth

Although not everyone realises it, I am actually based in Australia. I spend alot of time online checking out what is happening around the world. The Net is great for this, but at the same time I hardly ever get to meet my colleages in person. This year I’ve travelled to five countries and meet … Read moreActually seeing Monique, Jak, Jane, Jill & Lisbeth

MIT "transmedia" and "convergence" thesis are online!

For the past year or so these hard-working and clever individuals have been working towards their Masters at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Department. They’ve been developing their theories on TV, videogames, digital media, animation, museums, transmedia and convergence and now they’re online: IVAN ASKWITH TV 2.0: Turning Television into an Engagement Medium ALEC AUSTIN Expectations Across … Read moreMIT "transmedia" and "convergence" thesis are online!