The following are creative projects Christy Dena worked on. Note that projects in 2009 onwards were under this company UC101. Other projects still under NDA of course not listed, along with other projects developed but not released, projects where I’m in a mentoring or teaching role, and projects I’ve temporarily forgotten!

Artform Categories: Interactive, Film, TV, Theatre, Events, Print (overlaps repeated)

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2020Interactive Narrative Design & Extended Experiences LabOnline Weekend WorkshopsYESNoYESYES
2019VR Writers’ Room2 Day In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2019Extended Experiences Lab 2 hr In-PersonYESYES*YESYES
2019Telematic Studio5 Weeks OnlineYESYES*YESYES
2019Extended Experiences Lab 2 Day In-PersonYESYES*YESYES
2018Extended Experiences Lab 2 Day In-PersonYESYES*YESYES
2018Crafting Intangibles2 Day Online & In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2018Forward/Story5 Day In-PersonYES*YES*YES*YES*
2018 DIGRA Queensland2 Day In-PersonYES*YES*n/aYES
2017Forward/Story4 Day In-PersonYES*YES*YES*YES*
2017Brass Razoo1 Night In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2017What I Really Do2 hr In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2016Forward/Story4 Day In-PersonYES*YES*YES*YES*
2016Brass Razoo1 Night In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2016What I Really Do2 hr In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2015Forward/Story3 Day In-PersonYES*YES*YES*YES*
2015Brass Razoo1 Night In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2015What I Really Do2 hr In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2014Forward/Story2 Day In-PersonYES*YES*YES*YES*
2014What I Really Do2 hr In-PersonYESYESYESYES
2011Transmedia Victoria2 Day In-PersonYESYES*YESYES
2008BarCampSydney2 Day In-PersonYES*YES*n/aYES
2007BarCampSydney2 Day In-PersonYES*YES*n/aYES
2006Extended Entertainment Experiences1 Day In-PersonYESYES*n/aYES