Death of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Well, not quite ‘death’ but an indefinite hiatus. I’m powering down this blog for a few reasons, one of which is my desire to finish my PhD. I’ve tried for the last year and a half to do PhD writing and work and this blog, but found the mindsets are somewhat incompatable. I’ve decided therefore … Read moreDeath of a Blog, Birth of a Podcast

Online & Mobile Comedy Girl Friday launched

Kylie Robertson of Ish Media, the lass behind such interactive dramas Jupiter Green and the website for Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight, has launched her latest offering: Girl Friday. It is available for free via the web and mobile (in Australia). The main website is at with videos at YouTube, including this trailer: [youtube 2-M7KqB2sO4] … Read moreOnline & Mobile Comedy Girl Friday launched

"Voice is an important part of the mobile media mix"

Earlier I’ve mentioned the technique of having characters call audiences, now Laura Marriott, President of the Mobile Marketing Association, provides a business argument for using voice in mobile campaigns: Voice provides an opportunity to hook the consumer and then possibly have them engage in more advanced services via text, video, Web, etc. Voice is easy for the … Read more"Voice is an important part of the mobile media mix"

Web 2.0 & Mobiles: The Nokia Way

Nokia are about to launch the beta of their foray into the social networking area with Mosh. A user-generated content platform designed specifically for use with any mobile device. Create, upload, collect and share applications (like games, software mashups, videos, blogs, music and photos) all from your mobile. The site is password protected by screenshots … Read moreWeb 2.0 & Mobiles: The Nokia Way

New blog dedicated to TV on the Net

Emily Turrenttini, the powerhouse behind two blogs on mobile phone technology and content: picturephoning and ringtonia (and textually which aggregates the other two). Emily has now added a blog dedicated to reporting on TV on the Net:  TvSeries Online will be following user generated TV content published online, it’s impact on the Television industry and will explore … Read moreNew blog dedicated to TV on the Net

Leslie Nassar on the ABC, why podcast networks suck and the circles of Hell

His Awesomeness Leslie Nassar, a good mate, was interviewed by Microsoft Geek Nick Hodge on his Geek Stories. Leslie talks about his work on the ABC producing their podcasts. He also talks about why podcast networks suck  — the problem he cites can be solved by networked & non-networked media becoming networked (a solutin for many multi-platform forms). He … Read moreLeslie Nassar on the ABC, why podcast networks suck and the circles of Hell

Cross-Media: Virtual Worlds and Podcasts > "The Shadow Falls Experience"


Shadow Falls title in video


I completely missed this one when it was happening (my defence is that I was travelling at the time), but you really should know about this if you don’t already. In July last year an audio drama began, Shadow Falls. It is a scary tale with high production standards, nice careful attention to the writing, and anagram clues that are issued in the audio fan forum…and so gathered alot of fans very quickly. The season one finale was in early November and fans were hanging out for more tales. And so, the writer Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, got together with some experts of another artform and added something new on the 22nd of November. On that day they launched “The Shadow Falls Experience“.

What they did was create the fictional world of Shadow Falls in the online virtual world Second Life. And then, over the next few weeks, released audio clues in the podcast. The listeners then logged into SL and sought out the information, based on the clues. Just like the ARG I Love Bees, the players had to solve a puzzle and go to a (virtual) place to retrieve an audio component of the story. The players do this, but for those who do not participate in the experience, the total story is podcast at the end. This story is the season two prologue, a podnovel/audio novel. Here is what Mark said about the experience in the “interactive fan forum”, companion #5 podcast (17/11/06) prior to it commencing: 

Read moreCross-Media: Virtual Worlds and Podcasts > "The Shadow Falls Experience"

"Poetics of Mobile Media"

Dean Keep, a Masters student at RMIT University, has started a research blog on “micro-narratives”. That term, btw Dean, is not new. 😉 I personally like nano-narratives too, for the alliteration and how it makes me smile when I say it. But seriously, the study of micro-narratives, and micro-narratives created for the small screen (or for small and others … Read more"Poetics of Mobile Media"