Creating TV & Serious Games for Xbox

 The New York Television Festival and Xbox are running an “Xbox LIVE Originals Contest”: The “Xbox LIVE Originals” contest will invite a wide range of artists and Xbox users to create a 5 to 15-minute pilot episode introducing an original television series.  The pilots may be live-action, animated or both.  All entries must be submitted before … Read moreCreating TV & Serious Games for Xbox

Cross-Media in Belgium: TV-Web Children's Show

It is rare to see a project that actually has a flow of content moving from one platform to another. Usually, when people think cross-media or multi-platform they think in terms of distributing the same content to different platforms. Well, I stumbled on this great project a while ago and am impressed. KetnetKick is created by Larian Studios … Read moreCross-Media in Belgium: TV-Web Children's Show

SXSW Alternate Reality Games transcript online

Dan Hon, COO of Mind Candy has put the transcript of the 2007 SXSW conference panel: ARG! The Attack of the Alternate Reality Games transcript online. It is a fantastic talk that addresses alot of questions people have about ARGs and marketing and emerging trends. I’ve cherrypicked some quotes that stand out for me.

Read moreSXSW Alternate Reality Games transcript online

My Guest Lecture: "Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts"

The Digital Communication and Culture Department at the University of Sydney (which is the Uni where I’m doing my PhD) invited me to give a lecture to their Digital Cultures students. Tomorrow I’ll be giving the talk titled Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts. I’ll present on the different approaches to cross-media/transmedia/multi-platform in mass-entertainment, independent art, gaming, literature … Read moreMy Guest Lecture: "Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts"

First 360 Experience Comedy!

I, and many others, have been looking forward to (and thinking about creating) a multi-platform immersive comedy for a while. Well, NBC will be doing it soon:  NBC Digital Entertainment today [May 14] announced the second season of its pioneering interactive entertainment. Continuing to set the standard for broadcast network digital entertainment, this fall, NBC Digital Entertainment will introduce the follow … Read moreFirst 360 Experience Comedy!

Belgium ARG for TV Show Emma

    Emma, a television series broadcast on Belgium Public Television (VRT), has announced that they have created an ‘alternate reality game’ extension to the TV series; like Xenophile Media’s Extended Reality Game for the TV series ReGenesis in Canada; Hoodlum Entertainment’s online murder mystery extension to Emmerdale in the UK; Hoodlum Entertainment’s online extension to Fat Cow … Read moreBelgium ARG for TV Show Emma

New blog dedicated to TV on the Net

Emily Turrenttini, the powerhouse behind two blogs on mobile phone technology and content: picturephoning and ringtonia (and textually which aggregates the other two). Emily has now added a blog dedicated to reporting on TV on the Net:  TvSeries Online will be following user generated TV content published online, it’s impact on the Television industry and will explore … Read moreNew blog dedicated to TV on the Net

Kevin Roberts, SISOMO, Cross-Media, Storyelling…and me!

A while ago I came across Kevin Robert’s site SISOMO. Kevin is CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, Ideas Company and is behind paradigmatic approaches such as LoveMarks. I put SISOMO down on my list of things to chase up and got distracted. But thankfully I was reminded of the idea when SISOMO contacted me … Read moreKevin Roberts, SISOMO, Cross-Media, Storyelling…and me!

Murderer Revealed to Web Audiences First

As I’ve mentioned before, Australian company Hoodlum Entertainment, created the online extension to the popular UK soap Emmerdale. A quote from my previous post outlines the format: According to Hoodlum, the Emmerdale Channel is fully integrated with the TV show. At the end of each episode, the show will encourage viewers to visit the channel … Read moreMurderer Revealed to Web Audiences First