My Guest Lecture: "Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts"

The Digital Communication and Culture Department at the University of Sydney (which is the Uni where I’m doing my PhD) invited me to give a lecture to their Digital Cultures students. Tomorrow I’ll be giving the talk¬†titled Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts. I’ll present on the different¬†approaches to cross-media/transmedia/multi-platform in mass-entertainment, independent art, gaming, literature and so on. I’ll also look at how this has changed over time (I go back a few decades) and how the theory around these forms has changed too. Looking forward to it!

2 thoughts on “My Guest Lecture: "Multi-Platform Art versus Commodity Intertexts"

  1. Is the text (or a podcast recording) of this talk gonna be published online?

    Thank you

  2. Hello dd,

    No, the talk wasn’t recorded. I do cover these issues in my thesis though…which I will be submiting within 3 months (and so should be public by the end of the year).

    Is there something you wanted to know now?

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