Exported Fictional Artefacts> Serenity Ship Papers

Yesterday the Official Serenity Ship Papers went on sale at Quantum Mechanix. The papers are replicas of the authorisation materials used by the fictional characters of Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity verse. The Ship Papers set includes 13 full-color sheets of various sizes up to 8-1/2″ x 14″. Certificates are hand stamped with the official seals of … Read moreExported Fictional Artefacts> Serenity Ship Papers

CSI:NY & Second Life: "biggest cross-platform stunt in TV history"

For his keynote at the Virtual Worlds Conference recently the creator and executive producer of the three CSIs, Anthony Zuiker, announced that there will be a specially written episode of CSI:NY which will include a search for a killer in the online virtual world Second Life (SL). However, beyond featuring SL in the TV plot, audiences will be able to help solve the crime … Read moreCSI:NY & Second Life: "biggest cross-platform stunt in TV history"

Mediamatic's "Games in Crossmedia" Workshop

In October 2007, Mediamatic will be running a workshop on ‘Games in Crossmedia’: Virtual worlds such as Second Life are gaining popularity fast – they are places for acting out fantasies, but also for film making and telling stories. Techniques like machinima offer new possibilities for creating films and television in the 3D worlds of … Read moreMediamatic's "Games in Crossmedia" Workshop

Fan Fiction to Fanon to…

I’m keen to find out about fan productions that have been officially or unofficially deemed part of the main canon, fanon or at least highly regarded. According to Ms Nitpicker’s FanFic Glossary (2002-2006): “Fanon” is a detail about a particular show or character that was created by a fan but has now been generally borrowed/copied/accepted as … Read moreFan Fiction to Fanon to…

CFP: Science Fiction & "media convergence" & "cross-media and transnational franchises"

Apparently, there is a new journal out that will publish in March 08. Here is the highly relevant (to readers of this blog) call for papers (CFP): Science Fiction Film and Television is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal published by Liverpool University Press. Edited by Mark Bould (UWE) and Sherryl Vint (Brock University), with an international … Read moreCFP: Science Fiction & "media convergence" & "cross-media and transnational franchises"

Some interesting papers on contemporary entertainment

The upcoming London conference, Television Studies Goes Digital, has a few interesting papers: User-Generated Content/Producer-Generated Consumption: How Outsourcing, Crowd-sourcing, and Industrial Identity Theory Fuel Digital TV John T. Caldwell, UCLA  Dislocated Screens: The Place of Television in a Mobile Digital Culture William Boddy, Baruch College, City University of New York Joined up thinking for the … Read moreSome interesting papers on contemporary entertainment

My address to the Australian Publishing Industry

As I mentioned previously, last month I gave a talk at the Australian Literature Board’s Publishing the Story of the Future. Although it is very cringe-worthy to me (I’m not my usual lively self and I’m reading a script), I’ve decided to share my slides and the video. The slides are actually best viewed at a bigger size, at slideshare.

Thursday's Fictions: Theatre, Book, TV and Second Life

Last Sunday I presented at the Revelations Film Festival in Perth on Second Life art in the panel: ‘Second Life & Beyond: Virtual Communities and Making Media in a Digital World’.  During that presentation I mentioned a dance film, Thursday’s Fictions, that will be broadcast on the ABC this Sunday @ 3pm, which will be followed by … Read moreThursday's Fictions: Theatre, Book, TV and Second Life

Some new blogs

Here are some new sites or sites that now have blogs that readers of this site may find interesting: Ian Bogost’s blog Well known serious game designer at Persuasive Games, co-editor of serious game site Water Cooler Games and ludologist Ian Bogost has started his own personal blog. Indeed, it is part of a full-blown personal site aggregating his … Read moreSome new blogs