Clash of the literacies: Making a "ludocinematic future"

Recently, a top Hollywood special effects company — Digital Domain — announced that they will be investing 25 million into making “creating a video game that matches the quality of a feature film”. Well, as you can imagine, the gaming community found this claim pretty insulting. Well respected game designer Clint Hocking rants at his … Read moreClash of the literacies: Making a "ludocinematic future"

Unpacking a "TransMedia" video

I stumbled across this video by Mickey Gilchrist and Scott Bartlett that is titled “transmedia”. The inference, then, is that this video is a collection of transmedia examples. Have a look: [youtube QBusjqW7wRA] Now, in an effort to demythologise what ‘transmedia’ and ‘cross-media’ etc is, I’ll take the opportunity to unpack the relations between the segments … Read moreUnpacking a "TransMedia" video

Another WoW!, really: "Cinema 2.0"/"Open Source Cinema"/Kiva for Filmmakers etc

After my post about the great efforts of Lance Weiler, I’ve come across another example of good thinking when it comes to creation and distribution of what was previously called cinema. This project is called quite aptly A Swarm of Angels:  A groundbreaking project to create a £1 million film and give it away to over … Read moreAnother WoW!, really: "Cinema 2.0"/"Open Source Cinema"/Kiva for Filmmakers etc

Wow! DIY Cinema, theatre, gaming, mobile, mashups, comics, blog, podcasts…

    Lance Weiler, the director of the film The Last Broadcast (which has been described as the “original Blair Witch Project”) released another film last september: Head Trauma. What is interesting about the project is the STACK OF GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE with the film!! Firstly, he or the film has a presence … Read moreWow! DIY Cinema, theatre, gaming, mobile, mashups, comics, blog, podcasts…

Mumbai Lab for FRAMES: Digital Entertainment

On the 26th-28th March, the X|Media|Lab will hold a special lab in Mumbai on ‘Digital Entertianment’.   The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s (FICCI) FRAMES conference is India’s largest entertainment business event with over 1,500 delegates – it’s the ‘who’s who’ of Indian film, television, animation, interactive, and mobile content. X|Media|Lab is an … Read moreMumbai Lab for FRAMES: Digital Entertainment

Australian ARG "Artefact" receives AFC funding

Thankyou Colin for the heads up on this great news. “Artefact”, an alternate reality game developed by Mini Studios, Stephen Sewell and Vudu Mobile, has received Strand V funding from the Australian Film Commission. The project is described as follows: Famed Australian playwright and feature writer Stephen Sewell (Stephen Sewell) and Mini Vudu have teamed … Read moreAustralian ARG "Artefact" receives AFC funding

MIPTV's "Content 360 Cross Media Festival"

At MIPTV’s event at Cannes this year there is another BBC event: “Content 360 Cross Media Festival”. A true accelerator of tomorrow’s content at MIPTV featuring MILIA 2007! Content 360 brings to Cannes the most creative ideas in exploiting the potential of digital platforms through an international pitching competition, a series of cutting-edge conferences, as well … Read moreMIPTV's "Content 360 Cross Media Festival"

Hitwise on Cross-Media Bundling

Sandra Hanchard, analyst for Hitwise Asia Pacific, responded to my post about cross-media bundling by offering some stats on what areas of entertainment are most searched for on the Net. The idea being that those with the greatest amount of interest on the Net shows that people are actively looking for other information and other media … Read moreHitwise on Cross-Media Bundling

Best Transmedia Conference Ever!

I’ve attended many industry conferences that claim to be addressing the theme of ‘cross-media’ and ‘transmedia’. I’ve also assessed the schedules of those I haven’t attended from afar. I have not seen one that really understands what it is, and so they do not select the right speakers or ask the right questions. Well, I’m … Read moreBest Transmedia Conference Ever!