From Disaggregation to Cross-Media Bundling

There has been alot of talk about ‘disaggregation’, of the unbundling of content, and the subsequent phenomenon of micro payments and so on. What this refers to is services like iTunes that offer the user/consumer/iPodian the opportunity to purchase a single song rather than the whole album. Or one can purchase a single article rather … Read moreFrom Disaggregation to Cross-Media Bundling

Massively Multiplayer Online Movie

Have a look at what Michela Ledwidge is doing at ModFilms, a site for people to do remixes of films. She is also working on a ‘massively multiplayer online movie’ called Sanctuary. It is described as follows: Sanctuary is an experimental sci-fi short due for release 2006. The project, now in VFX POST PRODUCTION, is both … Read moreMassively Multiplayer Online Movie

ARGs, RPGs, Interactive Drama, Cross-Media, Serious Games, Film, Doco, Literature, Blogs and Marketing

Yep, they are all the topics I’ll be presenting on over the next few weeks in three states across Australia. But what is even more interesting, are the co-presenters. Check out this yummy bunch of seminars: Film Australia’s “Evan Jones Masterclass: Extending Doco in the Time of Digital” Monday 20th November, 1.30-4.30pm, Film Australia’s Roxy … Read moreARGs, RPGs, Interactive Drama, Cross-Media, Serious Games, Film, Doco, Literature, Blogs and Marketing

Special Journal Issue on TV Narrative

The latest issue of The Velvet Light Trap (Number 58, Fall 2006), spotlights film and TV narrative. There is a wonderful selection of papers with one by Jason Mittell: Keating, Patrick. Emotional Curves and Linear Narratives Newman, Michael Z. From Beats to Arcs: Toward a Poetics of Television Narrative Mittell, Jason. Narrative Complexity in Contemporary American … Read moreSpecial Journal Issue on TV Narrative

DAC in Australia

DAC, the premier international digital arts conference, will be in Perth next year with Beap. They have just announced the first stage of acceptances: The reviewing of the 230 abstracts has now been completed, and many thanks to the reviewers for the enormous task. In a process that turns out to have been highly competitive, … Read moreDAC in Australia

CROSS Sessions at SPAA

Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) 21st Annual Conference is being held November 14th-17th on the Gold Coast.   The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) represents the interests of producers on all issues that affect the business and creative aspects of independent screen production. Our annual conference is held over three days and attracts more than 650 … Read moreCROSS Sessions at SPAA

The Whedonverse Expands

As with all conjured universes that have a premature ending or unpopulated grid, the Whedonverse, specifically Firefly and Serenity verse, has been persisted by fans. There are some wonderful fanfics such as the fan-made TV-series Into the Black and the live-action paromage (what I call a parody that is a homage) Mosquito. More recently there is also … Read moreThe Whedonverse Expands