My address to the Australian Publishing Industry

As I mentioned previously, last month I gave a talk at the Australian Literature Board’s Publishing the Story of the Future. Although it is very cringe-worthy to me (I’m not my usual lively self and I’m reading a script), I’ve decided to share my slides and the video. The slides are actually best viewed at a bigger size, at slideshare.

2 thoughts on “My address to the Australian Publishing Industry

  1. A fascinating journey through a process that is happening right now! Your lecture provided an overview of what has been produced and glimpses of the potential for us writers and creators. How exciting! For me personally, this has revitalised my natural enthusiasm for the creative process. To invite others to particpate in this is certainly embracing the unfolding of our human evolution. You have inspired me to continue with that which I had almost thrown in the bin – my own imagination and love of storytelling. You have also thrown the spotlight on an aspect of creativity that has previously been railroaded by publishers and marketeers – the possibility of direct interaction with one’s readers and consumers. Thank you!

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