Cross-Media: Virtual Worlds, Cinema, TV and Books

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4 thoughts on “Cross-Media: Virtual Worlds, Cinema, TV and Books

  1. I’ve just been going over some material from my fieldwork in the past couple of weeks, which reminded me of Habbo Hotel, a game I hadn’t thought about for about a year. I was looking over the wensite and trying to revive my account and I saw that they had started to do a cross-promotion with lego (the avatars are very lego-like). Also the Guerilllaz had preformed live in the game. Not to mention the massive Star Wars fan community in the game (not sure if its oficial or not).

    Anyhow last year in Caracas, teenagers were using the game to practice their english.

  2. Yes, I think we’ll see in any community we’ll see fans create avatars, re-enactments and settings that are a homage to their favourite Verse. I put the SL one in as an example of that but I think the producer-created whole MMOs that persist a World already created in another medium or vice versa is really interesting.

  3. Hi Christy,

    Did you know that I am in the seminar that Peter Morse is teaching? I hear that your giving a lecture through skype! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ you

  4. Hello Christina! Yes, I know you’re in the class. I’m hoping it will be more than just Skype (another kind of remote…) but it depends on whether I can pull Peter away from programming for long enough! I look forward to ‘meeting’ you too! Prepare some really complicated questions for me. 🙂

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