Transmedia Planners etc on Facebook

For the past year almost, I’ve been following the discussion about ‘transmedia planning’ that has been taking place in cyberspace and at conferences. In response to Henry Jenkins’ ‘transmedia storytelling’, Faris Yakob introduced  ‘Transmedia Planning’ in October 2006: In this model, there would be an evolving non-linear brand narrative. Different channels could be used to communicate different, … Read moreTransmedia Planners etc on Facebook

My address to the Australian Publishing Industry

As I mentioned previously, last month I gave a talk at the Australian Literature Board’s Publishing the Story of the Future. Although it is very cringe-worthy to me (I’m not my usual lively self and I’m reading a script), I’ve decided to share my slides and the video. The slides are actually best viewed at a bigger size, at slideshare.

From Tie-Ins (marketing) to Transmedia (art)

A month or so ago I gave a talk at Sydney University called ‘Multi-Platform Art Versus Commodity Intertexts’. The aim of the talk was two-fold: to explore just what has changed in the object (entertainment) from so-called marketing tie-ins of the past and ‘transmedia’ forms of the present as espoused by Henry Jenkins and myself among … Read moreFrom Tie-Ins (marketing) to Transmedia (art)

Cinema Games: MSNBC's NewsBreaker


Theatre-goers have been having fun playing ‘crowd gaming’ at the cinema, courtesy of The official press release explains: liberates movie audiences from the out-of-date trivia, static billboards and the impatience of waiting for the summer blockbusters to begin with NewsBreaker Live, the first in-theater, audience participatory video game. Modeled after classic video games, NewsBreaker Live combines live RSS newsfeeds, the movement of the audience as a human joystick, and the big screen as a game board to bust audiences out of their pre-movie doldrums with an interactive game that delivers real-time news headlines to kick start the moviegoing experience.

Here is a video of the game in action:

Read moreCinema Games: MSNBC's NewsBreaker

Some new blogs

Here are some new sites or sites that now have blogs that readers of this site may find interesting: Ian Bogost’s blog Well known serious game designer at Persuasive Games, co-editor of serious game site Water Cooler Games and ludologist Ian Bogost has started his own personal blog. Indeed, it is part of a full-blown personal site aggregating his … Read moreSome new blogs

Literary ARG!: Raw Shark Texts

A couple of weeks ago I toddled along to the Sydney Writers Festival to see a UK author speak. I wanted to ask Steven Hall about his RawSharkTexts website, which seems a great extension of the storyworld of his novel Raw Shark Texts. The novel — ‘a science fiction, romance, thriller, adventure and mystery’ — is described as follows: [A] 20-something … Read moreLiterary ARG!: Raw Shark Texts

Filmmakers that Think Outside the Film

Lance Weiler — an acclaimed director films such as Head Trauma (that I posted about here) and The Last Broadcast — asked me to write an article about films and cross-media for the Workbook Project (a free resource for content creators). Of course I agreed to! So, I wrote a long article about the some of nifty things … Read moreFilmmakers that Think Outside the Film