Filmmakers that Think Outside the Film

Lance Weiler — an acclaimed director films such as Head Trauma (that I posted about here) and The Last Broadcast — asked me to write an article about films and cross-media for the Workbook Project (a free resource for content creators). Of course I agreed to! So, I wrote a long article about the some of nifty things filmmakers are doing with content across mediums. I include websites, graphic novels, remixes, blogs, books, ARGs and so on. It is called ‘Filmmakers that Think Outside the Film’. Actually, I’m thinking it would be good to do a series: TV Makers that Think Outside the TV, Book Writers… I’ve got tons of stuff for all of them! Let me know if you’ve got a site or magazine appropriate to house it.

But for now, check out the article. I haven’t included EVERYTHING but I’ve put alot in. In case I’ve missed something really important though, please leave me a comment either at the Workbook Project or here. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Check it out:

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