"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Being in Second Life"

Sorry about the radio silence here. I’ll be back in cyberspace very soon. (big smiley). In the meantime, here is a discussion I’ll be participating in at empyre next month, hope you join in:  Join us at -empyre- in August 2007 for: *The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Being in Second Life* when hostess … Read more"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Being in Second Life"

New transmedia explorer: Chris Dahlen

Chris Dahlen, a contributing writer to publications such as Pitchfork Media, Paste Magazine, The Onion AV Club and The Wire N.H., has started a blog. His blog, Save the Robot, discusses among other things ‘transmedia’. Chris says that ‘Jenkins and others have defined this concept really well’ and wonders what is left for him as … Read moreNew transmedia explorer: Chris Dahlen

Angela Thomas on Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise in Virtual Worlds

SL and RL colleague Angela Thomas — who was on TV with me last year (see the 7.30 Report link in my press page), edits the Slate Night magazine I write for and is at the same university as me! — was flown to the US recently to deliver a talk on ‘Pleasure, Play, Participation and … Read moreAngela Thomas on Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise in Virtual Worlds

Kzero on Metabrands

Excellent virtual world consultancy Kzero have a site with some interesting content. They are the people behind the Second Life Brand Map: They’ve got some interesting case-studies and population demographics of Second Life that seem pretty accurate, though I don’t know how they determined that information. (Most female avatars are actually real life males!) I sent them … Read moreKzero on Metabrands

Cross-Media in Belgium: TV-Web Children's Show

It is rare to see a project that actually has a flow of content moving from one platform to another. Usually, when people think cross-media or multi-platform they think in terms of distributing the same content to different platforms. Well, I stumbled on this great project a while ago and am impressed. KetnetKick is created by Larian Studios … Read moreCross-Media in Belgium: TV-Web Children's Show

Filmmakers that Think Outside the Film

Lance Weiler — an acclaimed director films such as Head Trauma (that I posted about here) and The Last Broadcast — asked me to write an article about films and cross-media for the Workbook Project (a free resource for content creators). Of course I agreed to! So, I wrote a long article about the some of nifty things … Read moreFilmmakers that Think Outside the Film

Virtual Worlds Awards

Neverdie (from Entropia) and Anshe Chung (real estate tycoon? from Second Life) have teamed together to launch the first ever Virtual Worlds Awards. The Virtual Worlds Academy was founded in march 2007, by Neverdie and Anshe Chung to organize Events that spotlight and recognize the artistic, technological, commercial and cultural development of all Virtual worlds … Read moreVirtual Worlds Awards