Virtual Worlds Awards

Neverdie (from Entropia) and Anshe Chung (real estate tycoon? from Second Life) have teamed together to launch the first ever Virtual Worlds Awards.

The Virtual Worlds Academy was founded in march 2007, by Neverdie and Anshe Chung to organize Events that spotlight and recognize the artistic, technological, commercial and cultural development of all Virtual worlds and metaverses

The mission of the Virtual Worlds Academy is to promote the creative community behind the Rapidly Developing Virtual Worlds and Recognize landmark events and achievements. In all areas of Virtual Artistry, commerce and culture; and host an annual awards show, the Virtual World Awards, to enhance awareness of the Virtual art form.

What I like about is that it honours all virtual worlds. I wonder, however, how they will implement a multi-world award night? 

Check it out:

[From Steve Peters]

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