ARG Whitepaper

The Independent Game Developer’s Association Alternate Reality Game Special Interest Group (IDGA ARG SIG) is writing up a whitepaper on the area. I’m a member of the group and lucky to be involved as a co-writer on the paper, so some of you will be hearing from me soon…

Marketing Entertainment: Integrate '06

iMedia Connection & Variety’s Integrate ’06 was held on April 12 and now there are some articles and ppts from the talks online at iMediaConnection. Integrate ’06 is the second annual summit that brings together top marketing executives from major entertainment companies to explore the challenges and opportunities in creating integrated marketing programs to reach … Read moreMarketing Entertainment: Integrate '06

Fibreculture Mobility issue

This journal edition came out a while ago (cna you tell I’m going through my long neglected drafts?), but has some interesting papers on mobility. Dong-Hoo Lee documents the experiments with self-image and expression now allowed young Korean women by camera phones. Angel Lin affirms the continuation of older social practices amongst Hong Kong college … Read moreFibreculture Mobility issue

Clustering Media Usage

I’m very excited by this latest research into audience behaviour. BigResearch have announced an analysis, conducted by Martin Block and Don Schultz of the Medill School at Northwestern University, on their pivotal study on simultaneous media usage (I’ve discussed this previously). It has revealed eight clusters of media usage that ignore demographics and geographical consdierations. … Read moreClustering Media Usage

Audience Update: VOD, TV & Net

Nielsen Media Research teamed their research with Comcast’s to establish data on audience usage of VOD. They tested 180 households in Philadelphia during June-August last year. The key finding, for me, is that audiences are still using VOD AND scheduled TV — I don’t like using “scheduled TV” as part of the TV experience, for me, is serendipity: how … Read moreAudience Update: VOD, TV & Net

MIT has a dedicated Transmedia Storytelling Lab!

Henry Jenkins was one of the first media theorists to identify the subject of my research and and what he terms “transmedia storytelling”. He is co-heading a dedicated research lab at MIT now, called the Convergence Culture Consortium. The Consortium is geared towards, it seems, providing data to industry as well as contributing to scholarship. … Read moreMIT has a dedicated Transmedia Storytelling Lab!