Another Researcher & Dedicated Panel

Jill Walker, the theorist behind ‘distributed narrative‘, has organised and participated in a panel on Viral and Distributed Narratives (as arranged by Jessica Henig). The panel is part of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts 19th Annual Conference held recently in Chicago. It is the first time that electronic literature has been included … Read moreAnother Researcher & Dedicated Panel

Simultaneous, Concurrent & Meshing Usage

Why is cross-media storytelling more than an artistic choice? People are crossing media already, using many types of media everyday and using more than one at a time. There has been plenty of industry research (particularly from the advertising industry) about media usage, but the following are significant. The latest one was released on the … Read moreSimultaneous, Concurrent & Meshing Usage

Mobile Gamer Stats

Ziff Davis Media Game Group have finished their annual survey: ‘Digital Gaming in America’. The Group are producers of print and online brands such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine,, and specials including Pocket Games. They commissioned the Strategy Group to survey US households. 1,558 people were polled from … Read moreMobile Gamer Stats

LAMP Update

Here is info about what some of the best cross-media creators are doing in Australia, from the Laboratory for Advanced Media Production that was run in Melbourne yesterday. It was great being around producers and creators who are committed and contemplate cross-media storytelling. I cannot upload my presentation, as there are still more workshops being … Read moreLAMP Update