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  1. Interestingly enough, I was finally getting around to trying to put together some stats about various games to post on (Adrian’s site), when I ran across your update which included one of those games – Chasing The Wish.

    Here are figures I’ve put together based on the criteria that Adrian had used (since that’s where I intended to post it) and using the data I have from then.

    Quoted numbers: 8,000 – 10,000. While your entry of just over 1200 is correct for the registration database, it does not reflect the people who followed along without registering and so on, as shown by the unique IP addresses visiting the various sites etc. This figure is the 8,000 – 10,000 number shown above.

    Forum Posts: 7,975 at UnFiction, not counting the posts at the now defunct Collective Detective, where the game was played and discussed heavily (their primary game for a long period of time)

    Google Hits: about 18,000 using “chasing the wish” + arg, but this isn’t entirely accurate as it includes mentions of the upcoming comic book series

    Duration: about 8 months (240 days)

    Cost: Closer to just over $2000.00 but about $1000.00 was earned back by selling / auctioning off real world items, selling shirts, donations, and other sources.

    BTW, thanks for taking the time to compile these figures. Nice work.


  2. Excellent Dave! I’ll add these in, but still post to Adrian’s site. I didn’t include Adrian’s stats in this post b’c I htought the ARGSIG may marry the two! Thankyou for the thanks. Much appreciated. And thankyou, too, for your books! I enjoyed reading them.

  3. I just found out that an ARG branched off of The Matrix Online MMORPG. Internet searches done for the easter egg keywords provided by the game (i.e. Wicole Censta … etc.) lead to the website for Matrixism an entheogenic religion based on The Matrix storyline. The URL for Matrixism is

  4. Hey Christy!

    Just wanted to clarify the Project MU numbers, as it really looks like you’ve got conflicting info.

    The 1.3 million figure refers to hits on the site in the first month of the game, not number of players.

    We had 125,000 unique IPs through the course of the game. Around 115 countries is correct.

    The active player base (those who interacted with the game on a regular basis) was around 12,000 players on multiple forums.

    I’d amend it all as follows

    * 1.3 million hits on the website in the first month
    * 123,000+ unique IPs through the course of the game (8 weeks)
    * Players from 115+ countries participated
    *Active player base: ~12,000
    * By end of game the mailing list had 8,300+ members
    * 1,000 players were called for the Halloween event
    * 14,500 IPs logged by Little-Boxes
    * 10,500 MC screensavers were downloaded
    * Media coverage in The Guardian, The Scotsman, Yahoo Movies, Movie City News, etc.

    Hope this is helpful!


  5. Excellent! Thanks Steve. Alot of the entries I have on this page are contradictory. I put the various information I find, even if it is contradictory, on this listing on purpose. But I greatly appreciate the ‘final word’ at the same time. I’ll be updating the entry with your details shortly. 🙂

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