Ep 004: Tim Wright Interview

  Another podcast! Yay! At this rate I might even crack three podcasts a year. hehe. Joking aside, I’m excited about our guest today. UK digital writer Tim Wright shares his vast experience with over a decade with online interactive drama and more recently multiplatform storytelling. Below is a time guide showing you topics Tim … Read moreEp 004: Tim Wright Interview

Ep 003: Lance Weiler Interview

Filmmaker Lance Weiler is the special guest on this first video podcast at UC101. Weiler talks about the unique ways he has experimented with extending the storyworld of his feature films out to other media platforms and artforms, and he shares his insights into the innovative digital distribution techniques he has been spearheading for years. … Read moreEp 003: Lance Weiler Interview

Ep 002: Evan Jones interview

Evan Jones of Stitch Media is the first guest on this podcast. Evan has a grand background, present and future in all things to do with contemporary entertainment. He used to be the Creative Director at Xenophile Media, where he worked on acclaimed projects such as the ReGenesis Extended Reality Games. In this podcast he”ll … Read moreEp 002: Evan Jones interview