Extended Experiences Lab

The Extended Experiences Lab is a workshop and commissioned immersive events around films. In partnership with the West End Film Festival, and funded by Screen Queensland and Universe Creation 101, the lab will commission creative teams to extend a selection of finalists at the festival. Those teams will create a pre- or post-experience around a … Read moreExtended Experiences Lab

A Thin Black Line

A 12 minute animated documentary VR project for SBS (Gear VR, Go), I was brought in as a Narrative Design consultant by VRTOV. I worked with Douglas Watkin, Oscar Raby, Katy Morrison, and Brooke Mags. An animated documentary in interactive VR, A Thin Black Line is directed by Douglas Watkin with artwork by Vernon Ah Kee and is … Read moreA Thin Black Line

8 Word Story

On 10th October 2017, The Queensland Writers’ Centre opened submissions for a special story competition. Called “8 Word Story”, the competition invited writers to submit a story in 8 words maximum. If selected, it would be displayed on digital billboards around Brisbane. Mine was selected, and broadcast on 24th October to multiple locations. There were over … Read more8 Word Story

Crafting Intangibles

  Crafting Intangibles is an online international and local event exploring interactive narrative design, being held on June 10th-11th, 2017. The event is sponsored by Screen Queensland, and features some of the most accomplished and inspiring creatives who will help clarify and stretch our understanding of narrative design. Speakers include Brie Code (Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed, … Read moreCrafting Intangibles

‘Magister Ludi’ for Experimenta’s International Biennial of Media Art

Magister Ludi is a comedic game about our role in escape, that is a touring installation and is available for the iPad, and online (update: May 2015. Due to changes to Chrome where Unity web player cannot be used, view in any browser but Chrome). The game was commissioned for Experimenta’s 2015 International Biennial of Media Art: Recharge, is … Read more‘Magister Ludi’ for Experimenta’s International Biennial of Media Art

Boss Bluff

A card game currently in development. Boss Bluff is a social deduction game with shifting alliances. You’re at a tense dinner where Under Bosses give speeches professing their loyalty to each other. Be the best at determining who is betraying you and you’ll triumph as the Big Boss. It is for 4 players, and play time is about 90 … Read moreBoss Bluff

Book & Design Kit

I am currently writing a book and accompanying design kit. Who is this book for? Creative Directors, Showrunners Narrative Designers Interactive Writers, Screenwriters Game Designers, Level Designers UX, Interaction, & Service Designers Creative Producers who want to understand the aesthetic ramifications of development, production, distribution, and marketing decisions Educators teaching any of the above Background I … Read moreBook & Design Kit

‘Playing Kandanga’ for Creative Recovery Network

I was commissioned by the Creative Recovery Network to create an App with the Kandanga community. I archived stories & play through the generations. The Creative Recovery Network builds experiences with artists and communities: “A growing network of artists and cultural and community workers are taking the lead in helping their communities recover from the impact of natural … Read more‘Playing Kandanga’ for Creative Recovery Network

‘Who Left the Windows Open?!’ for Iron Game Designer

A cooperative game where you are kids in a house where the windows have been left open and pests have swarmed in. You have 3 actions per turn, moves, opening and closing doors. You’re running around trying to channel the pests (wasps, snakes, spiders, ants & mosquitos) towards each other as predators attack each other. … Read more‘Who Left the Windows Open?!’ for Iron Game Designer