Boss Bluff

A card game currently in development. Boss Bluff is a social deduction game with shifting alliances. You’re at a tense dinner where Under Bosses give speeches professing their loyalty to each other. Be the best at determining who is betraying you and you’ll triumph as the Big Boss. It is for 4 players, and play time is about 90 … Read moreBoss Bluff

Book & Design Kit

I am currently writing a book and accompanying design kit. Who is this book for? Creative Directors, Showrunners Narrative Designers Interactive Writers, Screenwriters Game Designers, Level Designers UX, Interaction, & Service Designers Creative Producers who want to understand the aesthetic ramifications of development, production, distribution, and marketing decisions Educators teaching any of the above Background I … Read moreBook & Design Kit


DIY SPY is an improvisational storytelling party game for 3-18+ players. Players are carrying out cooperative mission scenarios in different rooms of your house of office, using whatever objects are around. == Main Website == == Care Testimony == The live festival version of the game debuted at Australia’s street gaming festival Pop Up Playground’s 2013 This Is … Read moreDIYSPY

Studio of the Future

For my Forward Slash Story residential, I created a card game that is a hack of Situation Lab’s ‘The Thing from the Future‘ and Near Future Laboratory’s ‘Design Fiction Product Design Work Kit‘. These card sets are focused on brainstorming objects for the future, looking at the object, time, mood of use, state of contextual development, … Read moreStudio of the Future