Crafting Intangibles

  Crafting Intangibles is an online international and local event exploring interactive narrative design, being held on June 10th-11th, 2017. The event is sponsored by Screen Queensland, and features some of the most accomplished and inspiring creatives who will help clarify and stretch our understanding of narrative design. Speakers include Brie Code (Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed, … Read moreCrafting Intangibles

Deletions, and other pleasures

Deletions, and other pleasures is an online story using remix, where you’re a doctor who heals robots through deleting files. It was an invited piece for the inaugural publication of Deletions: the open access online forum of science fiction studies, edited by Chris Moore and Sean Redmond. Committed to writing about science fiction in all its forms and … Read moreDeletions, and other pleasures

‘Bluebird AR’ for Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Bluebird AR is a serious alternate reality drama created by the Innovation Department at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The project was the first ARG in the world created by a broadcaster that wasn’t linked to a television show. The subject matter was concerned with geoengineering, and involved real world experts in consultation during development … Read more‘Bluebird AR’ for Australian Broadcasting Corporation

‘Love Referendum’ for Adelaide Fringe

Love Referendum is an alternate reality game (ARG) created by Tallstoreez for the 2008 Adelaide Fringe. In combined video clips, postcards and a website. The story was concerned with Adelaide being in the grip of a potentially fatal pandemic called lovesickness. In an urgent call to action, the Department of Deliberation is conducting a statewide … Read more‘Love Referendum’ for Adelaide Fringe

‘dLux Pony Club’ for dLux Media Arts

The dLux Pony Club is a 2007 initiative developed by d/Lux/MediaArts to encourage arts practice and critical dialogue in Second Life. Participants were encouraged to climb aboard one of the uniquely designed magic ponies from our meeting point at the front desk of Odyssey Gallery. From there you participants were taken on a teleportation trail … Read more‘dLux Pony Club’ for dLux Media Arts