‘Who Left the Windows Open?!’ for Iron Game Designer

A cooperative game where you are kids in a house where the windows have been left open and pests have swarmed in. You have 3 actions per turn, moves, opening and closing doors. You’re running around trying to channel the pests (wasps, snakes, spiders, ants & mosquitos) towards each other as predators attack each other. … Read more‘Who Left the Windows Open?!’ for Iron Game Designer


DIY SPY is an improvisational storytelling party game for 3-18+ players. Players are carrying out cooperative mission scenarios in different rooms of your house of office, using whatever objects are around. == Main Website == == Care Testimony == The live festival version of the game debuted at Australia’s street gaming festival Pop Up Playground’s 2013 This Is … Read moreDIYSPY

‘Shenanigans’ for SAE Creative Media Institute

Shenanigans is an ambient party game commissioned for my work Christmas party. The organisers wanted some fun game for the staff to play and wanted it to be something accessible for the non-game players in the room. My personal goal was to create a game that anyone could do at any time (ambient), which encouraged co-operation (across … Read more‘Shenanigans’ for SAE Creative Media Institute