Sharing Ink

Public art artist Sayraphim Lothian invited me to participate in her “guerrilla kindness project” Sharing Ink. The brief is to write a short piece in a hand-crafted journal to leave for a stranger in the street, and hopefully they will add to it and leave it for another person.

I was interested in utilising the mechanic of leaving a message in a location, and so I wrote a piece that encouraged the finder to enter their own moment they want to “leave behind”. They then leave it at a place that is significant for the “leaving behind” moment for a stranger to find. So I wrote a story about the location I left it, and what was significant about that location and what I was leaving behind (the relationship). I enjoyed designing the process of finding, writing, and leaving as a cathartic ritual.



‘Robot University’ for QUT & Australia Council for the Arts

Robot University is an interventionist installation about our relationship with robots, experienced on large touch-screens, projectors, and motion-sensing Kinects. The project was commissioned as Australia’s first Digital Writing Residency at The Cube, QUT, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The Cube is a $230 million Science and Technology center. It was launched on 25th Feb 2014. The development blog and short documentary (see below) gives insights into this unique residency opportunity.


The project, “Robot University,” aims to transform negative attitudes towards robots. Western entertainment often paints robots as killing machines bent on our demise. It’s important that we consider the cultural impact of robots and how we interact with them now, so that we can better prepare ourselves for our ever-growing community of robots…a new species we’ve created.

Timeline: Residency ran from mid-July to mid-December, 2013. The project launched to the public on Feb 25th, 2014.

 The Cube Project Page

Christy Dena – writer, designer, producer, director
Adam Single – programmer
Jacek Tuschewski – sound designer
Paul Stapelberg – 3d modeller, animator
Simon Boxer – visual artist
Oscar Guillen – user interface artist

Lubi Thomas – senior curator, The Cube
Rachael Parsons – project manager, The Cube


Mars Ride

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 3.27.05 PM

Mars Ride” is a short Twine game I created quickly for fun. It is an experiment in a different kind of player-NPC relationship.

Horas Perditam

Photo on 5-4-13 at 6.53 PM

Ken Eklund (WriterGuy – USA) and Annette Mees (Coney – UK) invited me to be an online live writer (weaver) for their 2013 experimental narrative play that combined live and online participants: Horas Perditam. I was teamed with two “threaders” on the street, who I guided from afar through the streets of London. They shared photos and stories of their adventure and I wrote a live story around their artifacts. Ken and Annette then invited me to create an online interactive story inspired by the previous experiment. This will be published in their forthcoming magazine.

Geminiod HI-4 speech for Robotronica


I was commissioned by Jonathan Parsons to write a speech for the Geminoid HI-4 to deliver at at 10,000+ event Robotronica . The android, created by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, introduced other robots and a band. 

Press release: “They’re almost here: robots are coming for Robotronica

Deletions, and other pleasures

Deletions, and other pleasures is an online story using remix, where you’re a doctor who heals robots through deleting files. It was an invited piece for the inaugural publication of Deletions: the open access online forum of science fiction studies, edited by Chris Moore and Sean Redmond.


Committed to writing about science fiction in all its forms and modes of operation, Deletion will invite contributions from those writing about science fiction from a literary, philosophical, artistic, scientific, aural, televisual, games, and cinematic context.

I chose to respond with a creative work. I give some background to the development of the piece and choice of platform at the main site. It was launched Oct 1st 2013. The editors describe my project as follows:

Christy Dena’s online-remix-narrative takes iconic images of popular culture and builds with them a strange world where the human fallibility is programmatically deleted. Both dystopic and playful, Dena’s work is an ironic reimagining of pleasure as a state of robotic flatlining, using tropes of science fiction to critique processes of social normalisation and increasing alienation from emotionality.

Play Deletions, and other pleasures

‘Guardians of Hidden Universes’ for PopUp Playground

Guardians of Hidden Universes is a playful story for experiencing on your phone in the street. You’re a Guardian of Hidden Universes, and when you check your Communication Terminal you find the Guild has made a terrible mistake you need to repair. The app was launched at Popup Playground‘s 2013 Fresh Air Festival – a street gaming festival in Melbourne, Australia.

Arrow_ AddtoHomeScreen_

The experience lasts about 15-25 minutes, and takes you around whatever city you happen to be in. This playful story is inspired by the design challenge of creating a locative-experience that is not site-specific. How can we have an experience than engages with the environment that also can work worldwide? The story is also playing with the idea of engaging with a character and a space using your intuition within a short period of time.


Christy Dena – concept, writing, and design
Elroy – artwork, coding, and interface design

The Book of Revelations

The Book of Revelations
Role: Digital Creative Associate
Project: Theatre Performance, Digital Pre-Experience, Mailouts
Client: Alison Richards (Aus)

‘Bluebird AR’ for Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Bluebird AR is a serious alternate reality drama created by the Innovation Department at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The project was the first ARG in the world created by a broadcaster that wasn’t linked to a television show. The subject matter was concerned with geoengineering, and involved real world experts in consultation during development and in public when the project was live. The project combined online, mobile, live events, TV, radio, and billboards over 6 weeks.I was a Transmedia Story & Game Advisor, brought in to consult with the writers, designers, programmers and marketing department during the development and production of the project.

– 2011 – Bluebird AR, Interactive Award, 44th Annual Australian Writers Guild Awards

– 2010 – Bluebird AR, Innovation Award, (Internal) ABC Awards

Case-study website: ABC

In-fiction video:

‘Conspiracy for Good’ for Nokia

Conspiracy for Good is a branded entertainment alternate reality game for “social good”. It was created by Tim Kring (USA), The company P (Sweden), and Nokia (Finland). The global alternate reality drama combined online, mobile, video, live events, billboards, newspapers over 5 months+.I was a Transmedia Analyst on the project, brought in by Nokia to assess the early designs by Tim Kring and The company P. On site, I assessed the design, liaised with marketing, legal, and business departments as well as sub-contractors. I provided a report on recommendations for the design and production processes at Nokia.

– 2011 – Conspiracy for Good, Best Cross Platform Project, Banff World Media Award
– 2011 – Conspiracy for Good, Digital Program – Fiction Nomination, International Digital Emmy Awards
– 2011 – Conspiracy for Good, Mobile Nomination, 14th Annual SXSW Interactive Awards
– 2011 – Conspiracy for Good, Official Honoree, Integrated Campaigns, 15th Annual Webby Awards

Main website: Conspiracy for Good