Sssh: The Venice Project

The web is buzzing (well, parts of it) with gossip about a project that is in beta-test mode. The Venice Project is…um…I can’t really say because they’re not. This is what they do say:

We’re working on a project that combines the best things about television with the social power of the internet – a project that gives viewers, advertisers and content owners more choice, control and creativity than ever before.

Co-creators include Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, and other talented people such as Allan Beaufour Larsen and Ugo Cei . Although they’re rolling out server hubs all over the world, it seems to be based in the Netherlands. So, my fellow NL researchers: got any info?

Source: CC Chapman who is a beta tester of it. Seems to be the thing to do for those nifty people in the know as I’m beta testing Amazon’s and another project that is not public yet so I cannot talk about it (you know how it is). hehe

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