Convergence Jam

I’m just about to sign up to attend a ‘Convergence Jam’ being held here in Melbourne next month. The event is attended by professionals from film, TV, gaming, communciations and so on. Complimenting talks will be the development of multi-platform productions by attendees. It appears we’ll be split into teams and will compete against each other for the best idea.

Similar to television show The Apprentice, Jam teams of games developers, filmmakers, animators, digital media practitioners and new media artists will create the converging media models challenging the concept of ?spare time?. The winning team will be rewarded.

I’ve downloaded the Rules of Play which set out the theme and requirements. I’ve been coming up with ideas for a multi-platform work based on this theme — a really cool thing I think.

It’ll be a bit weird participating in such an event since I’d rather be observing (that’s why I’m there – to research how these professionals think multi-platform works should be designed and how they deliver the knowledge), but the pay-offs will be worth it. I wanted to participate last year but couldn’t so I look forward to it. I’m sure I’ll find some on-the-ball practitioners out there I can interview too.

If anyone has any ideas around the theme of ‘spare time’, throw them this way. No harm in a pre-jam jam.

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