A Holy Trinity

It is now official: I’ve successfully faced a panel and now I’ve converted to PhD. On top of this, the academic assessor was so impressed he fought to get on board and be a supervisor too! His work on ‘superfictions’ in art and writing is right up my cross-media alley, so to speak, and so I was happy to have him on board. My current supervisors weren’t budging either and so now I’ve got a win/win/win: 3 supervisors! One, Peter Morse, is my primary supervisor from Media Arts; then Peter Hill who is in the Visual Arts but is also a prolific author; and then there is Sari Smith who is from Creative Writing who will guide me through the birth of my novel. [I must say the amount of Peters I’ve encountered in my life since commencing my postgrad is uncanny.]

So, I’m thrilled to have such a great team on the case and to be confirmed as a PhD candidate. Now, if only I could stop working full-time and actually spend some quality time with my research. Same story around the globe.

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