Cross-Media, UGC, Emerging Media, there isn't enough room for the hot words to describe this…

News from MocoNews: Channel 4 is running a website called FourDocs. FourDocs is the “place to upload, watch and learn about documentary“. It is addressing the desire for audiences to create their own shows, learn about filmmaking, share their view of the world, and their stories. Audiences have been jumping on uploading video clips, viral … Read moreCross-Media, UGC, Emerging Media, there isn't enough room for the hot words to describe this…

Interactive Entertainment Conference: Day 1a

I’ve been at the Australiasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment being held in Sydney this week. There is still one day to go but I feel compelled to *download* my impressions before the final blast of input and then distraction of catching-up on delayed duties. The attendees are computer science students working with game technologies, interactive … Read moreInteractive Entertainment Conference: Day 1a

Access All Areas

On November 7th, America’s No. 1 ranked evening news show, NBC Nightly News, will be available online, in entirety, for free, after broadcast every night, making it the first and only newscast to do so. MSNBC claims to: consistently attracts more consumers than competitors like and, in fact, attracts nearly one-third of all online … Read moreAccess All Areas

Cross-Media Release will be the Norm

Simultaneous cross-media release will be the norm. I’ve heard a few producers mention this, even the Director-General of the BBC has unveiled that their tv shows will be simulataneously available for download on the web. I thoroughly support this move and have been anxiously waiting for it for some time. When a movie is released, … Read moreCross-Media Release will be the Norm