Its all happening in Europe

If you haven’t already noticed, Europe is the place to be if you’re creating, researching or experiencing CME. It is not surprising considering the technology available in the home (and therefore the services then supplied to audiences). Here is a list of some of the sites about CME by those living in Europe:

Monique de Haas’ blog, Netherlands

Jill Walker’s blog, University of Bergen and her research into “distributed narratives”

Lizbeth Klastrup’s blog: Klastrups Cataclysms, IT University of Copenhagen (did a paper with Tosca on “transmedial worlds”)

Susana Tosca’s blog: Thinking with my Fingers, Volda College, Norway (did a paper with Klastrup on “transmedial worlds”)

Anja Bechmann Petersen’s PhD research site, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Valentina Rao’s blog: Bad News Live, who has found is (i think) looking for a supervisor in Copenhagen

Daphne Dijkerman’s blog: Something New, University of Amsterdam? Saxion Academy of Arts & Technics (Enschede)

Theo Meereboer’s blog: Commedia

Indira Reynaert’s blog: Crossmedialog

The Cross Media Group’s blog: Interactivity: “the cross-media idea

HvA Cross-Media Students blog, University of Amsterdam students?

X-Media Club: blogstreams provides presentations by convergence experts (including Monique de Haas) in a casual lounge environment.

Dutch Cowboy’s Tech blog: crossmedia thread

Marcel Houtman’s blog: Houtwatch, Netherlands

Crossmedia Forum

I will definately be going to the Netherlands and around sometime in the next couple of years to see everyone! I’d come over for Cross Media Week if there was english speaking talks going on…

5 thoughts on “Its all happening in Europe

  1. just wanted to say thanks for the super accurate overview! you really are the “cross media missionary” (monique de haas’ link)
    by the way, I did find a supervisor, applying now, answer in 2 months – must post to the blog, must… /V

  2. Dear Christy, It’s nice to see that you’ve put me in your list of European
    Crossmedia Bloggers, untill now i’ve written almost everything in dutch,
    but i’ll try to do some more English! Hope to meet you at the Crossmediaweek

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