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I attended a conference on Digital Storytelling recently and picked up some good UGC (user-generated content) projects. Digital Storytelling, for those who like me who get confused by the term, is the term used to describe stories that are created by amateurs about themselves, using digital equipment. They are not often interactive, usually films shot on digital cameras. Here is a mix of the UGC websites mentioned at the conference, ones I know about and new ones:

Jay Ryan vlog [single-person, but is perhaps “the” vlog];

Rocket Boom vlog [single person, was featured on CSI & just auctioned advertising space on eBay for $40,000];

Sticky (Aus)

Knot at Home, SBS (Aus)

Strait Up, SBS (Aus)

Zed TV (Canada)

Terminus 1525 studios (Canada)

Seed Collective (Canada)

And here are some pivotal Digital Storytelling sites:

BBC Capture Wales

Center for Digital Storytelling

I haven’t listed sites that just provide the function of uploading without a content coating. A helpful listing of such sites is provided by Gary at Personalize Media. 🙂

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