Some great interactive narrative workshops

Excellent line-up at sagasnet:

Developing Interactive Entertainment Workshop

Headed by: Greg Roach / Guest Speaker (on ARG): Dave Szulborski/ March 03 2006 – March 09 2006, Academy for TV and Film Munich, Germany

In this intensive workshop the relationship between storytelling, visual media techniques, game design and interactivity will be explored in depth. Participants will learn to apply their knowledge of media and narrative to the new arena of digital technology by developing their own ideas for an interactive product, which are then processed in a group design and presentation phase. Participants will develop, in teams, presentations for an interactive narrative product which is then discussed and evaluated by the entire plenum. If you need to apply for a scholarship for attending this course, please (there is a limited budget available, only) apply before February 20 2006.

Developing Narrative Games/ On-line Worlds Workshop

Headed by: Ernest Adams / Guest Speaker: Jessica Mulligan / March 31 2006 – April 06 2006, Academy for TV and Film, Munich

In this intensive five-day workshop, the participants will work both alone and in teams to develop a design treatment for a narrative game/an online world. They will begin by studying the fundamental principles of computer game design, and then go on to explore the relationship between interactivity and narrative. There will be a few lectures, but most of the activities will be fully hands-on, involving brainstorming, discussion, and presentations from the participants to the group. If you need to apply for a scholarships for attending this course, please (there is a limited budget available, only) apply before March 14 2006.

Developing interactive narrative content seminar

In 2006 the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar is foreseen to take place, again, in Stuttgart, Germany – parallel to and in cooperation with the fmx/06 from May 1 – May 7 2006.

During the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar up to 10 pre-selected interactive narrative projects in development (no limitation on media, genre or target audience) will be provided in parallel with up to ten high-profile face-to-face consulting sessions (on financing, project management, marketing, story structure, interaction design…). Consultants will be chosen according to the needs of the selected projects.Application deadline for the seminar plus consulting sessions is February 20 2006. 2006 sagasnet selection board: Sean Dromgoole, Mark Stephen Meadows, Brunhild Bushoff 

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