The Joyful Fight

I’ve been sorting out old files and came cross one of my favourite quotes. I thought I’d share it with you. It is from a book written by Victor Sanchez, a book that illustrates lessons from Carlos Castaneda’s books on Yaqui sorcerers. In this section, Sanchez is explaining the difference between a warrior who goes to war and the “donjuanist” warrior:

The warrior is so called because he or she is always struggling against personal weaknesses and limitations; against the forces that oppose the increase in knowledge and power; against the forces that are driving us to our destiny as ordinary men and women, forces determined entirely by personal history and circumstances. The warrior wants to rescue the possibility to choose how to be and how to live. It is a struggle for harmony and tranquility. It is a struggle for freedom, knowing that this struggle begins inside, projecting itself from there toward everything that makes up the world of actions. It is a quiet, gentle, joyful fight. (23)

Sanchez, V. (1995) The Teachings of Don Carlos: practical applications of the works of Carlos Castaneda, Bear & Co., Santa Fe, N.M.

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