Networked Art Competition: Mixed Realities Commissions

Mixed Realities Comission

I was very happy to see this, a multi-place commission:

AVENUES OF INVESTIGATION: we are looking for works that (1) bridge multiple realities while maintaining autonomy; (2) engage the user as a participant; (3) include the dynamics of both one-to-one and one-to-many communication within the work; (4) require collaboration between artists, programmers, scientists, and others; and, (5) encourage dialogue.

CRITERIA: (1) ability to conceive the project for three spaces-a synthetic, 3-D rendered environment, the Internet, and physical space; (2) intellectual and artistic merit; (3) degree of programming skill and technological innovation; and (4) extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity.

And the results:

MIXED REALITIES was an international juried competition that resulted in the commissioning of 5 networked art works to be exhibited/performed in 2008 at; Huret & Spector Gallery; and Ars Virtua, a gallery in the online 3D rendered environment, Second Life. Each commission is $5,000 (US).

 The winners are:  

1. Imaging Beijing by John (Craig) Freeman
2. Remotely Coupled Devices (working title) by Usman Haque, Georg Tremmel and Neill Zero
3. No Matter by Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott
4. The Vitruvian World by Michael Takeo Magruder, Drew Baker and David Steele
5. CATERWAUL by Pierre Proske, with technical assistance from Artem Baguinski and Brigit Lichtenegger

Being in Australia, I can only experience 2 of the 3 parts. But that is exactly the point of these works, and the challenge for the creators: to manage the different points-of-entry.

Check it out:

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