FREE ARG video

ARG Fest DVD cover from GreyLodgeARGs are one of the most developed forms of CME, interactive narrative and participatory design. The video of the ARG Fest that I’ve mentioned before is available for free via Bitorrent, through Grey Lodge. The contents include:

1) Perplex City by Mind Candy Ltd with Michael Smith and Adrian Hon

2) The Art of the Heist by the PM team with Mike Monello, Brian Cain, Brian Clark, Matt Fischvogt, Jim Gunshanan, Gabriel Georgeian, and Dave Szulborski

3) MetaCortechs by the PM team with Steve Peters, Krystyn Wells, Brooke Thompson, and Sean Stacey

4) There is No Such Thing as an ARG by special guest speaker
Jane McGonigal

5) Pictures from ARG Fest NYC 2005 featuring pictures submitted by the attendees

I bought the DVD and find the video interesting. There isn’t much about ARG design, but it gives a nice insight into the behind-the-scenes events and goals of well-known ARGs. And is a good introduction for those who no nothing about the genre. A genre you should know about.

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