‘Designing Cross-Media Stories’ for Making Cross Media


I wrote a chapter for Max Giovagnoli’s book (in Italian) – the first book about cross-media making.

Since many journalism-media (BBC News, Skytg24, RAI News 24) to video telephony and the Internet for fiction. From corporate communications all’emotional marketing and new formats for mobile phones and interactive TV. The book describes with examples, materials and speeches by international scholars techniques, scenarios and rules needed to implement communication projects spread across multiple media. Among the first published in Europe on the subject, this text uses the research on the collective and strengthening emotional, project management and alternative dramas to bring order in a discipline in which, even today, too often we rely on talent and mysterious improvisation determining success or unpredictable flop in the field of information, entertainment and communication.

Max Giovagnoli teaches at the Link Campus University of Malta-Rome. He was editor in chief of Big Brother and directs the laboratory cross-media Proiettiliperscrittori. He is the author of Writing the web (Dino Audino publisher), Web writing (new techniques), it takes fire (Halley publishing).


Foreword by Sergio Brancato; Introduction: Anytime, anywhere …; Chapter One: Think cross-media; Chapter Two: Designing the cross-media; Chapter Three: Imagine cross-media; Chapter Four: Inspiring with the cross-media; Chapter Five: Storytelling with the cross-media; Chapter Six: Audience scenarios and cross-medial; the Conclusions; Being cross-media; Bibliography and sources.

Fare Cross-Media: From Big Brother to Star Wars, Theory and Techniques of the Integrated and Distributed Use of Simultaneous Media (2005) ‘Punto, Linea E Superficie’ in Giovagnoli, M., Dino Audino Editore, pp.126-129