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(cross-posted) I’ve been really bad with my blogging for a while now. Argh! So, here is an update of recent happenings.

The transmedia experience I worked on for Nokia, Conspiracy for Good, by Heroes creator Tim Kring and The company P, has been nominated for a 2011 Digital Emmy Award (Digital Program – Fiction), and nominated for the 2011 14th Annual SXSW Interactive Awards (Mobile). Some articles about the project have been published around the world, including Wired, UK Wired, iMediaConnection, Oviblog, ARGNetcast.

Another transmedia experience I worked on for No Mimes Media and Cisco, The Hunt, won the 2011 Merit Award, for Other Branded Entertainment at the One Show Awards. A “Behind the Scenes look at the Making of a Cisco’s ARG The Hunt” was published in Wired. There is also a casestudy and videos at No Mimes Media.

In my last post, I blogged about an article I was commissioned to write for if:Book Australia. Since then I’ve also had a short interview published at the Tribeca Film Institute website: Christy Dena on the Creative Potential of Cross-Platform. [They just moved the article to a different sub-menu on the website and so all the tweet and like stats are lost. doh!]

As for events, I was on two panels at the National Screenwriters Conference, 17-18th Feb, Phillip Island, Australia. One was on game writing, and the other on multiplatform writing. Both were excellent sessions with awesome Australian professionals (with international clients): Anthony Mullins of Hoodlum, Morgan Jaffit of Defiant (blog), Paul Callaghan of Freeplay (blog), with MCing by Jim Shomos. I really enjoyed it, we had fun doing the sessions.

I was also on a panel for the launch of GEElab on 15th March at RMIT. The GEElab is headed by a long-time colleague Steffen P Walz, and is described as follows:

“The GEElab is a new initiative from RMIT University destined to contribute design research and innovation to the academic community and to the development of the games, entertainment and media industry both in Melbourne and internationally.”

The lab has the potential to do some great things, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

I’ve also arranged the first Transmedia Victoria meetup post the main event. It is being hosted by the IGDA Melbourne and I’m pleased with the two great speakers I’ve arranged. Numbers of RSVPs are through the roof so we’re really looking forward to it.

As for my creative projects. I’m currently working on the script and design for a web-based audio comedy drama. I cannot tell you how keen I am to get this project going as soon as possible.

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