TransISTor 2007: cross-media gaming courses

TransISTor is a training initiative organised by CIANT – International Centre for Art and New Technologies in cooperation with FAMU – Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague supported by the MEDIA Training Programme of the European Union.

TransISTor focuses on computer games technologies while opening up their creative potential for non-gaming storytelling domains including art, cinema, TV, educational applications and cross-media productions.

Session 1: Game modifications and machinima films

From combination of comics and video games to films created with game engines. This session will provide an overview of tools and techniques used for customizing and expanding computer games. We will examine issues of game design and game play in the context of cross media production. The goal is to explore the basics of how to create and modify game levels. In the intensive 4-day workshop your will create your first machinima film.

Session 2: Motion capture and stereoscopy for games and film

During the intensive 4-day workshop you will investigate different motion capture techniques and carry out a collaborative project. Experienced tutors will explain the different motion capture systems, the process of setting sensors, recording sessions and the computer data post-processing. The goal is to experience the latest technologies, to integrate them and to create your own stereoscopic film with special effects.

Session 3: Serious games, web 2.0 and future cinema

This session is focused on the alternative forms of games and web 2.0 applications that are used for entertainment as well as for non-entertainment purposes such as art, edutainment, marketing, simulations, management and public policy. We will look closer at how these technologies are used for non-gaming events and processes, including simulations of business and military operations, psychotherapy or medicine. In the workshop you will create your own serious game scenario and experiment with web 2.0 applications, e.g. Google map mashups in art, business and cinema.

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