Smallville, comics, Yaris, content wraps & Saatchi and Saatchi

This looks interesting:

The automaker [Toyota] has fittingly teamed with the Warner Bros. series Smallville for an integrated transmedia campaign via Saatchi and Saatchi, Los Angeles, that breaks tonight and will include on-air comic book creative from DC Comics in the form of content wraps during breaks in the popular series.

Content wraps replace regular commercials and instead offer content related to the TV show it interrupts. In this case, the 120-second wraps will run once per episode for five weeks and are created by DC Comics artists and the Yaris is integrated into the content.

The storyline of the show is carried through the wraps during the breaks. Called “Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom,” the campaign will drive viewers to an online game at, in which players must answer questions about Smallville episodes.

The campaign will also have street-team distribution of game clues in selected cities and a national contest in which the grand prize is a 2007 Yaris.

Source: Steve Miller, ‘Toyota Takes a Drive to Smallville’, Brandweek, April 19

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