Scholar has moved into Jupiter Green

I’ve spoken twice about the online interactive drama Jupiter Green on this blog: originally when the work was being user-tested online and then about director Kylie Robertson’s latest offering: Girl Friday. Well, now a refereed paper on it is online for the inaugural issue of Performance Paradigm. It is a fascinating and timely journal that investigates the media technologies and live performance. The journal interrogates pertinent questions:

The articles and interviews we have assembled here ask questions as to how we can best use the heightened audio-visual experience offered by media technologies to best effect and what might such performance experiences communicate? Does the performance come to be about the media interface alone or are other possibilities suggested?

And the editor, Edward Sheer, said nice things about me, the writer of the paper titled ‘Elements of “Interactive Drama”: Behind the Virtual Curtain of Jupiter Green’:

Christy Dena?s essay extends Auslander?s trajectory from acting to performance to interactive online drama. Her discussion of the specific kinds of interactivity afforded by the example of Jupiter Green, a recent web based drama, represents an important piece of scholarship on an emergent form which suggests that the notion of spectatorship in digital performance is more active and assertive than in conventional performance forms. Her elements of interactive drama will serve as a useful guide to other scholars and practitioners working in the field of new media performance, digital narrative and drama.

You have to subscribe to get a username and password to read the articles (no fee) but I assure you it is worth it. There are some fascinating papers by Andrew Murphie, Jon McKenzie, Yuji Sone and Ray Langenbach with some essential reading in the artist interviews.

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