Creative – Original

These are projects that I have conceived and developed. All are self-funded by my company to some degree, with arts funding and crowdfunding support for some of them. I make digital interactive projects, live games, board games, card games, installations, short films, and prose. I always have personal projects I am working on.

I am currently working on a book and accompanying design kit, local co-op digital game with accompanying short animated film, and a card game.

Some original projects:

(final playtesting & art stage), DIYSPY
Logline: D.I.Y.SPY is a comedy improvisation storytelling game where you’re all spies who have rejected the cool new spy tech in favour of making your own gadgets with objects from your pockets, or from around your house or office.
Role: Writer-Designer
Project: Pervasive party board game, Festival play & Remote play App
Genres: Improvisation, Storytelling, Party Game
Artist: Goldie Bartlett
Festivals: Pop Up Playground Festival, IGDA Brisbane GO423 Popup Exhibition, CHI Play Interactive Exhibition, PAXAUS, CANCON.

DIYSPY cards on table with objects

(in dev), Book & Design Kit
Role: Writer, Designer
Project: Non-fiction book with design kit

(in dev), Spider & Fly
Logline: A blind spider and it’s guide fly team up to compete in a web art competition being held in the bucket at the back fence
Role: Writer-designer
Project: a short animated film and short videogame
Client: in partnership with a Sydney animation house

2017, Caterpillar
Role: Writer
Project: An “8 Word Story” billboard competition by the Queensland Writers Centre. This really short story was in response to the prompt of only using 8 words. It was chosen from the thousands to be published to the billboards.

Role: Writer, Designer, Producer, Director
Project: web audio adventure
Awards: Winner, 2014 WA Premier’s Prize for “Digital Narrative”, Winner, 2014 Australian Writers’ Guild Award for “Interactive Media”; Official Selection for the 2014 Electronic Literature Organization’s Media Arts Showcase. An early prototype was Finalist for “Best Writing in a Game” Award at the 2012 Freeplay Independent Gaming Festival. The crowdfunding campaign attracted supporters from 14 countries, and the project was awarded a grant from Screen Australia’s multi-platform drama fund.

2015, Who Left the Windows Open?!
Role: Co-Writer-Designer
Project: Boardgame
Published: Unpublished game made for the 2015 Iron Game Designer Challenge.

2011, Mars Ride
Role: Writer-Designer
Project: Twine game

2010, My First Day was Super
Role: Writer
Project: This short story is a contribution to an online creative writing site started by Andrea Phillips and Jay Bushman. The site invites contributions of short stories about the first day you discovered your superpower.



2005, The Villager Girl and the Teenbot
Role: Writer, Programmer
Project: Transmedia short story told over print and a chatbot on the web. An early version of the story was presented as a reading at: the Talk Fiction Colloquium, University of Melbourne and the 2005 Age Melbourne Writers’ Festival. An earlier version was selected for exhibition and discussion on panel ‘Original Hypermedia, Net.Art, Mods, Flash’, disjunctions 2005: Theory Reloaded , University of California, Riverside.

1992 Destiny Unknown
Role: Writer, Animator (claymation), Director
Project: Short animation for the White Gloves Festival – interviewed on SBS’ Eat Carpet

1993, HeSheIt
Role: Concept, Producer, Director
Project: Multimedia Performance
Theatre: Monash Student Theatre

2005, Coma Clown
Role: Writer
Project: Short story
Published: Muse: Anthology of Postgraduate Poetry & Prose, University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association.
Awards: Selected for reading at the launch, 2nd Prize, Prose, 2005 University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association.

2002, The Girlfriend
Role: Writer
Project: Short story
Published: Postgraduate Review, University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association, vol. 8, no. 2, p.33.
Awards: Highly Commended, Prose, 2002 University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association.

1992 Growth; Mother; The Gap
Role: Poet
Project: Various poems
Published: Judy’s Punch Magazine, University of Melbourne