My Next Academic Talk: Mono-Polymorphism

Yep, you read it right. I’m presenting my theory on Mono-Polymorphism tomorrow (Friday Sept 15th) at Sydney University at a talk I was invited to give. 🙂

Mono-Polymorphism: A Paradigm for Understanding Cross-Media Entertainment
Christy Dena

In the age of cross-media production works are distributed over time and
space like never before. A story can be adapted into numerous media and arts
forms; episodes traverse television and digital games; a plot can stretch
from a book to the web; a work of fiction can be indistinguishable from
reality and a work of art indistinguishable from marketing. The
methodological discourses touched by this phenomenon are, among others,
Narratology, Ludology, Media Studies and Semiotics. How does one recognise,
analyse and frame these works? Introducing Mono-Polymorphism: the theory where
many forms and the singular co-exist. Giddy with the notion of a ‘unified
theory of everything’, this theory seeks to provide a schema for
understanding the meta-discursive, taxonomical, and rhetorical complexity of
these works. And yes, the dissonance with ‘mono-polymorphism’ is

It will be in the Rogers Room, Woolley Building at 3pm. All welcome!

5 thoughts on “My Next Academic Talk: Mono-Polymorphism

  1. Hello Christy

    I think that your theory of mono-polymorphism sounds very interesting – and I have only read your abstract… Especially the possible discussion on “one unified theory” sound interesting! I was wondering if you have anything further written about this theory that would be possibly for me to read.

    I am a student at Humanistic Informatics – Interactive Digital Media at Aalborg University in Denmark and I will soon be writing my final project. In this project I am considering writing about ARGN in some way or form. But the problem that I am constantly facing is, that the number of different media that is obviously used in ARGNs is multiple, and therefore the different media objects and their effect one the game itself and the players are even more multiple. Are you getting my drift here? Your theory of mono-polymorphism could hold a part of the answer to the problem that I am facing…

    Anyways – it is a very nice website that you have build here, I will look around a bit more…



  2. Here is Christy’s abstract – if only I had some of her mind blowing slides to show too!

    Oh, if only we had some of your mind-blowing slides to see!

  3. Aha! Nup. My slides are just one component of my presentation and wouldn’t make sense without me. Sorry. You’ll just have to come see me Leslie! I know you’ve tried. Next time. 🙂

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