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I love Google Earth, for what it could do, and I love maps, for what they do. Using technology and location representations as well as RL locations is big. Location, location, location. Whether it is virtual or real, you have to at least contextualise yourself according to some real or virtual grid. Here is a round-up of some creative works and advertainment that use Google Maps & Google Earth:

Google Maps:

New York Sound Map

The Sopranos: Crime. Organised. 

Jeep: We Are The Mudds


Brewster Jennings Protects America

Jon Udell’s Walking Tour of Keene

Nike’s Run London

Google Earth:

Surreal Scania

Fiat Olympic Venue Treasure Hunt

Adidas +10 Playoffs

Sustain Ability

Greenwich Emotion Map

Let me know of any good ones you recommend.

Sources: TrendBlog; Networked Performance; Google Map Mash-Up Bibliography, Jaffe Juice, We Make Money Not Art

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  1. Ah yes, VW maps. I didn’t know about the mapvertising. Great! And GREAT BLOG Tony! I’ve added to my blogroll. 😉

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