Machinima Workshop & Lecture

Mediamatic are running a machinima workshop on the 14-17th March and lecture on the 16th March in Amsterdam.


In this workshop traditional film making techniques are combined with real-time scripting within a virtual environment. Participants will be guided through Machinima production process by experts from the fields of gamedesign and animation. Besides technical instructions on set design, character creation, re-camming and post production, we will focus on cinematic and artistic possibilites of shooting film in 3d engines.  


Friedrich Kirschner?s machinima series Person 2184 won him awards for best Technical Achievement and best Visual Design at the 2005 Machinima Film Festival, and has been showcased at numerous others. Friedrich is one of the pioneers who is transforming the practice of machinima. His work breaks out of the game context and enters the realm of filmmaking.

Thinking about it, it is funny that multi-million dollar game engines¬†are being used for non-interactive projects…

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