Democracy Net

Democracy TV is an internet TV broadcaster. Here is their description:

There’s an opportunity to build a new, open mass medium of online television. We’re developing the Democracy internet TV platform so that watching internet video channels will be as easy as watching TV and broadcasting a channel will be open to everyone. Unlike traditional TV, everyone will have a voice.

Democracy TV is developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation. Their latest news is that they’re created a channel guide so everyone can more easily find the shows. There are so many Net TV companies out there, some by organisations and others by corporations, so I’m sure there are also Net TV Portal guides out there too. Findability is a big issue for so many, for those who do not already have a net status in some way. We’ve already got the technorati, the e-lite on the web and so the same model that the web was supposed to dispel is back again. Is there democracy on the web? There is an e-lite that has a louder voice than others but rather than reaching that status through sheer size and monetary power an individual can gain the same status through sharing, uniqueness and alot of time.

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