Babies Rock!

Rockabye Metallica

Baby Rock Records is offering lullaby versions of rock tunes so that the parents can enjoy listening as much as their bundles of joy. They’ve got lullaby versions of Metallica, ColdPlay, Bjork, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tool, The Cure, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins and The Beatles.

As fortune would have it, the site was recommended to me by a stranger while I’m in the middle of a discussion on a narrative listserv about plurality. Perfect.  

7 thoughts on “Babies Rock!

  1. Hello Jeremy! What a delight to see you here! I really enjoy your works (from afar as I haven’t actually participated in one of your locative projects) and your essay, Narrative Archeology. Especially quotes like:

    The creative texts composed for insertion into the city are constructed in a way that allows for the charms of the “traditional” text as well as of the “experimental” The narrative is constructed in individual unit as a short short or prose poem. The piece can stand alone as a work of creative writing with rich language, imagery, detail, and a sense of narrative arc fulfillment in resonant ending. It also is constructed to be read such that at certain key points in the city, to be read on multiple levels. The narrative may have detail but only enough to create a half sense of place thus enhancing the awareness of two places at once in the physical city. The narrative may be written in style as well as detail and content to enhance the discontinuity of place being experienced by the viewer/reader, of the disjunction between what is imagined and referenced and what physically, at present, is.

    Thanks for coming by!

  2. Christy,

    Thank you! I found your site by checking out your technorati links and adding you to my community there. I think your examinations of second life are particularly interesting.
    I published two essays in flack attack a few months ago inside second life and in print form. I am interested in things like what would a disabled avatar (I have cerebral palsy and was in second life for a while and have issues with the points for appearance semiotic although by experimental surgery my condition is subtle ) look like and what its semiotics would be in an alternate world that for some reason is plugged into an adolescent compensation need to get praise for appearance for an alternate non flesh identity and what identity and autonomy are in real and second life worlds and the slippage betweeen.

    I like the range of your work. It is great to see another person with hybrid interests that coalesce in time.

    Glad you dig narrative archaeology. It was an amazing epiphany the day it all hit me. will never forget it. Working now with locative narrative and information above the earth, changing with elevation and to forge a new dissenting voice.

    hope to stay in touch.


  3. Hey Jeremy,

    Wow, I like your thoughts about SL and identity — particularly given your unique situation. I’d love to read your essays. Could you point me to them?

    Yeah, it is cool to meet others who are likewise polycentric. 🙂

  4. Cool. Here are the links. The first is to the port in flack attack from its slot in the whitney museum artport. The second and fourth are my essays. The third is the port site about their activity in their art space in second life.

    viva polymaths……

  5. I’ve checked it all out Jeremy! I didn’t realise but I have a Flack Attack book in my inventory. I’ll have to go and check out The Port. I like the discussions going on at Flack Attack. I particularly enjoyed the Mistress/Slave interviews! I look forward to the next issue.

  6. Hey Jeremy, I’d like to find out more about the port. If you’re still in SL, send me an IM and we’ll meet up.

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