Cross-Media Marketing Effectiveness Measures

One of the areas of industry cross-media research is that of marketing companies comign up with methods to assess the effectiveness of multi-platform campaigns. One company that looks at this area is Dynamic Logic.

Dynamic Logic’s CrossMedia Researchâ„¢ is designed for advertisers, agencies and publishers:

Measure the value and synergy of multi-media ad campaigns
Quantify the success of an ad campaign with more than one element
Understand cost effectiveness of different media in the mix
CrossMedia Research is used to quantify the effectiveness of multi-media ad campaigns that combine various media (such as TV, Print, Radio, Internet) and provides valuable insight into the performance of the campaigns. Developed in cooperation with leading research authorities and top advertisers, CrossMedia Research uses a methodology acknowledged by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

Dynamic Logic offers two CrossMedia Research products.

Media Synergy Studies (MSS)
Media Synergy Studies help clients understand the complementary effects of integrated media campaigns and the contribution of each medium against different objectives and audiences. Clients gain insights about honing the success of their cross-media marketing campaigns. Media Synergy Studies answer important questions about the separate and combined effects of major advertising channels, such as:

Which media were most effective in increasing metrics such as Awareness, Message Association, Favorability and Purchase Intent?
Did the combined impact of online/offline exceed their respective contributions?
Which audiences were most influenced by the respective media channels?
Against what metrics was each medium most effective?
Media Synergy Studies Methodology | top

Cost Effectiveness Studies (CES)
Cost Effectiveness Studies provide information and insight as to the relative cost effectiveness of the different media components in a campaign. This information helps advertisers determine which aspects of their integrated campaigns are working most efficiently, and, in some cases, whether incremental spending on additional media vehicles is justified by the cost. The research also provides recommendations for future budget allocations.

Which media were most cost effective in increasing different metrics and against different audiences?
Was combining media more cost efficient than each media working alone?
How did each medium index in overall cost effectiveness?
Cost Effectiveness Studies Methodology | top

Dynamic Logic CrossMedia Research clients include leading global advertisers such as: Levi Strauss, General Motors, Molson, Intel, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, ING, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald’s, Sony Pictures and Universal.

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