Cross-Media Focus in Big Business

News from itvt is that at least 3 companies that are shifting their business emphasis to address cross-media (edited quotes):

Discovery Communications has consolidated its digital media operations via the formation of a global New Media group. 

“To expand our reach as the leading global real-world media and entertainment company, it is crucial that we capitalize on the possibilities new media affords to showcase our brands, content and businesses,” Baer said in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to develop leading-edge applications that take full advantage of quality Discovery content on multiple platforms, emphasizing the flexibility and utility of our programming while maximizing the benefits of new platforms.”

Warner Bros. Entertainment has consolidated all its businesses that are involved in the digital delivery of consumer entertainment content into a new group, called Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

According to the company, the establishment of the group signals recognition of “ongoing changes in the way consumers view entertainment product”; heralds a desire on the part of the company to “maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios to make [its] content available to audiences through as many channels, platforms and devices as possible”; and “furthers the company’s mandate to harness the benefits of emerging technologies, as well as manage the risks these technologies pose to the economic value of the content.”

MTV Networks has promoted Jason Hirschhorn to the newly created role of chief digital officer. He will be responsible for developing and carrying out cross-platform strategies for growing MTV brands–including its Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Spike channels, as well as its various music channels–across all current and future digital platforms. Whether it is through a broadband network, a wireless application, interactive television or online gaming,” he continued, “our goal is to live at the cross-section of entertainment and communications where we can continue delivering the most unique experiences to all of our audiences.”

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